The largest supplier of chemical
and food products in the Republic of Belarus
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About the Company

Dear Sirs,

Belhim Open Joint-Stock Company and its Director General, Vitaliy Nikolaevich Stanko, greet you and wish you success in realizing production plans, stable status in the market, health and personal welfare.

Our enterprise was founded in 1944 in Minsk, and, at present, is the largest supplier of chemical and food products to the market of the Republic of Belarus. Over 69 years of spotless operation, Belhim OJSC has established close relationships not only with Belarusian producers but also with such giants of chemical industry of the Russian Federation as Khimprom OJSC, Kaustik OJSC (Volgograd), Kaustik CJSC (Sterlitamak), Kazanorgsintez OJSC, Salavatnefteorgsintez OJSC, Nizhnekamskneftekhim OJSC, Usolyekhimprom OJSC and Lukoil Company as well as with many other enterprises of the CIS countries.

Highly professional staff, spotless reputation, timely supply of only high quality products contribute to long-term business relationships with our partners. In-house analytical, legal, financial and customs services contribute to increased operational efficiency and easy addressing production challenges.

Belhim OJSC offers the most advantageous conditions of production supply, qualified consultations, and low prices.

We believe that cooperation with us will make it possible for those who are willing to buy our products and services to save material resources and time.

Belhim OJSC implements CRM technologies of customer relationship management, which allows for enhanced efficacy of customer servicing and supporting mutually beneficial and stable relationships with them.

Our enterprise successfully implements quality management system ISO 9001-2009.

система менеджмента качества ИСО 9001-2009

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Belhim OJSC is always willing to address any offers related to mutually beneficial cooperation.