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Margarine for creams

Deputy Head of the VFM Khapankou Vladzimir

Deputy Head of the VFM

Khapankou Vladzimir

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Margarine for creams “Ecocream” of grade MTK

Intended for preparation of ready-to-cook cream products in flour confectionery both for filling, and finishing, when whipping with dry components, sugar syrup and condensed milk. Allows preparation of rich smooth cream with glossy surface and excellent organoleptic characteristics.

Margarine for creams “Ecocream” is developed with due account for traditional requirements to preparation of finishing ready-to-cook cream products, soufflé from butter. “Ecocream” is recommended for complete substitution of butter in base creams and in own formulas.


  • margarine “Ecocream” allows preparation of a ready-to-cook cream product virtually similar in its physical, chemical and organoleptic properties to base creams from butter;
  • easily compatible with various ingredients and fillings, uniform integration with cocoa butter and food coloring agents; ensures quick whipping and significant bulking of the whipped mass;
  • easily water-absorbing;
  • easily frame-forming ensuring stability of shape of the layered product, thereby it is used as a filling between the layers;
  • in the process of preparation of a ready-to-cook cream product accepts more sucrose-milk syrup (approximately by 20%) than butter, thus retaining good stability of shape of confectionery decorations; less cost with high quality of cream products; absence of cholesterol and GMI;
  • use of margarine for creams “Ecocream” does not require modifications of technological processes and equipment;
for certification of products prepared with margarine “Ecocream”, the manufacturers are provided with normative documents on cakes and pastry.