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Margarine for puff pastry

Deputy Head of the VFM Khapankou Vladzimir

Deputy Head of the VFM

Khapankou Vladzimir

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Margarine “Ecoslice” used in puff pastry preparation performs the main function of margarine – it separates the layers of pastry from each other in rolling and cutting. In the process of baking margarine warms up and spreads the layers. With evaporation of water contained in margarine, a significant layering is achieved, and melted margarine fats are absorbed into the layers. Thus, margarine acts as a barrier and prevents sticking of the layers of pastry.

Margarine for puff pastry “Ecoslice” ensures the effect of layering, grants the products the creamy taste and aroma, increases the rise of finished products and prevents crust formation. The layers of the finished product get the brittle, crisp roasted and soft texture.


  • ensures high plasticity in rolling and remains plastic when cooled between the stages of rolling (yeast-leavened and unyeasted dough);
  • does not require mixing with flour, just slight dusting of layers in contrast with rolling with butter;
  • does not leak in proofing (yeast-leavened dough);
  • ensures uniform separation of layers in baking and high rise of finished products with express thin layers;
  • grants the products pleasant creamy taste and aroma, golden color;
  • reduces crumbliness of finished products;
prolongs the sell by date of finished products.