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All-purpose margarine

Deputy Head of the VFM Khapankou Vladzimir

Deputy Head of the VFM

Khapankou Vladzimir

+375 (17) 200 92 75

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Intended for preparation of flour confectionery, i.e. sugar, hard-dough, butter, oatmeal biscuits; honey cakes, cupcakes, fancy baked goods.

Margarine is prepared from high-quality natural refined deodorized vegetable oils; its use does not require modification of existing technological processes and equipment.


• ensures high organoleptic properties of the finished product (clean milky taste and aroma) throughout the shelf life;

• ensures stable emulsion;

• characterized by good aeration properties, i.e. it has the ability to absorb air producing rich mass saturated with air;

• ensures easy formation and depositing pastry thus preventing pulling and improving performance;

• ensures stability of shape of deposited products after baking;

• grants baked products attractive golden-brown color;

• prolongs the sell by date of finished products;

• allows baking products without cholesterol, GMI;

• ensures high resistance to oxidizing (low acid and peroxide values);

• presence of specially developed emulsifiers in its formula promotes formation of fine emulsion, and slows down the retrogradation of starch.